Common Questions About Google Places

Google Places gives credibility to your listings. When you are using Places, people can find you easily with an online search. The listing is also available through Google Maps, a Google web search, mobile search, Google Earth and a voice directory search. If anyone looks for the name of your business and city using any of these services, your listing is most likely to show up. The listing may also be shown for searches that are related to your business category and associated terms.Make the Most of Your Google Listing: Potential customers can be encouraged to choose your services when there is a rich listing that is rendered credible with description, photos, business hours and links to your website. Google Place Search has increased the reach of the PageRank and relevant factors. Here, it is important to have ‘blended’ results because these promote the 7box/1box results. This offers credible results for merging the classic listings of the web with the business listings in your ‘blended’ results. Keyword relevance is also another important factor, especially the terms which are visible or prominent on the home page of the business website.A rich listing should be mentioned to your existing and potential customers who can use Google Maps to locate your address and phone number, acquire directions to your business, find the coupons on offer, leave reviews and acquire recent updates.Will Other Information Show Up? Your listing may show up other information because Google collects helpful data like your photos, videos, business hours and reviews from different websites and local directories, adding this information with the details entered at Google Places.In case the listing for your business is inaccurate, it can be easily fixed. The main reason for wrong listings is that these are search result pages with information from a variety of sources, which can often be incorrect or outdated. You may even correct the errors which appear in the search results.Local businesses can benefit from Google Places since there are a number of tools which are meant to help small businesses. Some of the tools incorporate Google Analytics, AdWords, the suite of communications of Google Apps and different kinds of communication products. You may even use Google Business Solutions to add any other relevant information. Google Maps help you to explore your neighborhoods at the street level with the help of Street View. This is where you can identify your favorite places by uploading photos through Panoramio.

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